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Posted on Nov 18, 2013

Golden Acorns Pottery Barn


Confession: ever since reading the Artemis Fowle series with my daughter when she was a tike, I have this thing for acorns.  Without going into a lot of detail about the story, acorns play a pivotal role in supplying energy and new life into some of the characters. (Ohhh, yes, I could go on…That scene with Pecs and Chips and Mulch Diggums…Funniest piece of children’s literature. EVER.) I related to that theme in the story because to me, even though they fall off of trees and turn brown, they are little nuggets of hope for the future, a reminder that spring will come again, a time capsule waiting to become a magnificent tree. (Sigh) So amazing!

So, when I saw these on a recent visit to Pottery Barn I was delighted.  These acorns are so beautiful!  They are warm and have a soft shine that evokes cozy. I love the shimmery gold leaf look on the body of the acorns and the matte brown caps that look so realistic.  I had to pick one up just to check to see if they were real.  It’s certainly a metaphor for how valuable those little nuggets are, holding all the information it needs to become a massive, majestic oak tree and how the cap is  the more humble, hard working part, its job to keep the acorn attached until it’s fully developed and capable of completing its sole mission in life.

Plus they’re really pretty :0)

I love them just like this in a bowl, but I think they’d be fabulous in a hurricane with a candle or in an apothecary jar.  They’d also be lovely scattered along the center of a long Thanksgiving table or at each place setting on top of a napkin.  They’d be cute added to holiday potpourri for added texture and interest as well.  They’re so versatile and my favorite new holiday accessory.  How would you use these lovely acorns?  I’d love to read your inspired ideas!


Disclaimer: It would be a dream come true if I had a financial or other affiliation with Pottery Barn.  Regrettably, I do not. However, I am happy with these adorable acorns!



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