Time To Plant Tulips

Posted on Dec 30, 2013

Time to plant tulips

Time to Plant Tulips

Now that it’s time to plant tulips I feel like the camel in that insurance commercial.  “Mike!Mike!Mike!Mike!Mike! Guess what day it is! It’s…” Tulip Planting Day!!!

Back in the fall I posted about forcing tulips by putting them in cold storage in the refrigerator for 6-8 weeks.  I was so happy to look in my refrigerator and see it’s the date and that its time to plant my tulips. Yep, after an 8 week hibernation in the refrigerator it’s time to pull out those tulip bulbs and plant them.  Mine are going into pots and will be over-planted with sweet alyssum.  That way I won’t be stuck with a pot full of dirt while I wait for the tulips to emerge.  If you put tulips in the fridge this fall take a look at the package and see if yours are ready to get planted.  Did you write the date on the package?  Aren’t you glad?!  It’s so much easier than trying to count out the weeks:0)

When I opened my little bundle of joy I was thrilled to see the shots starting to emerge from their pointy tops and root buds forming on the ring around the bottoms. The root buds look like little baby teeth in the picture, above.  Aww.  So cute!


Time to plant tulips


The outer skins are cracked and ready to turn into tulip food.  I like to plant the bulbs in a triangular pattern to keep them from looking too arranged, like they will if planted in rows. Remember to plant them about 6″ deep.


Time to plant tulips


My tulips are a beautiful, deep peach color and nothing compliments peach better than white, so a little Sweet Alyssum is the perfect compliment and is easy for the tulips to grow through.

Time to plant Tulips


Now it’s all potted up, watered in and ready to go.

I love that it’s time to plant tulips right after Christmas because it’s the first act of hope for the coming year.  Gardeners have faith that their plantings will grow and hope that they’ll be just as they envisioned.  Seems like a fitting metaphor for a new year:0). Wishing you good faith and hope for 2014!

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