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Posted on Oct 20, 2013

flowers blurred


My favorite thing in the whole wide world is flowers.  I love to look at them, am compulsed to touch them, smell them, grow them!  I cannot live without flowers!  Rule number 1:don’t try to make me.  Rule # 2, I will always grow some I can cut and bring in the house.

When my daughter was getting ready to go off to college we threw her a going away party.  Nothing makes a party more beautiful than flowers.  Since her school colors are orange and black, orange was the color of the day. Notice how nicely the green hydrangeas compliment the orange flowers.  They happen to be opposites (or complimentary colors) on the color wheel. If you’re not a big fan of dull fall colors, this is a bright and lively alternative color scheme for fall decorations as well.

I took this long low-handled basket with a plastic liner and loaded it up with wet floral foam.  Then I went in the yard and picked the green hydrangea heads.  This is the color they turn as they loose their original color.  I stuck them all over the floral foam to cover it completely, keeping them lower than the handle height.  Finally,  I added roses in two shades of orange to give more depth.  I think it would have been lovely, but too flat with just one shade of orange.


Orange flower basket2


With all of the flowers being the same, I livened things up by
using them in different configurations and in different containers.  Besides the low basket, I also I made some low petal-to-petal groupings in pots.

In others I cut the stems short and set them floating in a fish bowl of water.


Flowers in a bowl


One of the tricks I learned as a florist is to get my roses a day or two early and put them, with a fresh cut, in a warm bucket of water overnight.  This helps them open up a bit.  Typically I’ll buy my roses at Costco as long as they’re fresh (the heads are firm when gently squeezed-Oh, you’ve seen me squeezing every bunch of roses in the display?  Just checking for freshness…)  and they even take special orders!  Their price is competitive with wholesalers and (bonus!) you don’t need a resale licence.


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