Silver Leaf Paint: The Easy Way To Get The Look Of Silver Leaf!

Posted on Mar 10, 2014

mirror finished bathroom remodel product


 Master Bathroom Mirror Makeover

One thing I knew would be so important for our bathroom remodel was to have a nice large mirror over the bathtub.  A mirror would appear to enlarge the space and reflect light, both important for a small master bath.  Besides, they’re so pretty!  The trick was finding the right size and shape mirror in the right color.  Luckily, after a lot of searching for both, I found the right mirror and the right paint to get to that right color.

The secret to sanity when remodeling an old home is accept that standard sized items aren’t going to fit in your non-standard size house when it comes to replacing things.  My house was built 57 years a go and not one thing has been a standard size.  So when we remodeled the bathroom, I wasn’t surprised to find not one standard mirror size was going to work. A quest to consignment stores to find a mirror of the right size , shape and color was the answer.  When finding all three proves frustratingly impossible I found it easiest to settle for the right size and shape. I am an expert at using spray paint!


Wood frame with tape

The original finish on the mirror is fine, but not what I was looking for. I love the detailed texture and the size was perfect!


After a lot of searching I finally found a great looking mirror at a decent price with a nice size frame in the right size and shape for over my tub at a consignment shop, but it came in brown.  Knowing I wouldn’t find a better fit, I bought it planing to do a quick spray paint job to get it just right. Lord knows I’m no stranger to spray paint. So I set out to find a perfect soft, silvery finish that would make my new mirror just right for over the tub.

I started at a big box store for silver spray paint.  How hard could it be? There was not one decent silver color.  Ugh. I checked my local hardware store…same thing.  Then I headed to the local craft store- again every silver color was awful! I wandered over to the silver-leafing area and realized I love the look of silver leaf, but the process of multiple steps over such a large piece was out of my price and patience range. OK, really out of my patience range! So you can imagine my delight when I found silver leaf paint!


Liquid Leaf bottle


It doesn’t look exactly like silver leaf, but it is far and away better than any can of spray paint I could find!  It was super easy and I absolutely love the results!


4 East Steps to Refinishing With Silver Leaf paint.

1. Make sure all surfaces are clean and grease free.

2. Use a liquid sanding product to make the surface more ready to accept paint and remove any sealant.  A quick, light wipe is all you need. Dry off if necessary.

3. Tape off the mirror so you get nice, clean edges.  I covered the rest of the mirror with paper towels that I moved around as I worked.




4. Use a brush to apply.  I did it in one coat and went back to do touch ups.  The paint splatters a little (lots of little droplets) and dries really fast.  I like the texture they can add.


splatter silver leaf


That’s it! You’re done.


Silver mirror painted


It took me about an hour to clean and paint a 4’x5′ mirror. It dried beautifully and looks spectacular in my bathroom! I would use that silver leaf paint again in an instant.  Even with the steam from my baths, the paint has held up beautifully.


Master bathroom remodel tub


The finished product again.  I couldn’t be happier with my new mirror!

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the stores or products mentioned in this post.  Of any kind. At all.  Heck, I don’t even have ads!

Should you choose to do a project like this please remember to always follow the directions on the label of any paint and paint stripping products:0)




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