Part 2: It’s My Party And I’ll Buy What I Want To

Posted on Nov 11, 2013

chevron black and white party ideaBy Kathy Sullivan

My daughter is definitely a little bit of Hollywood Glam mixed with a smattering of Las Vegas sparkle when it comes to style.  I am fairly certain that she sees me as just this side of Hillbilly Traditional.  Whatever my style is, I am fairly confident I can pull an engagement party together pretty well.  I love having a party.

She is the girl that has dreamed about her wedding since she was 5.  I have photos of cute little table settings she made and several years of pictures in her various wedding dress costumes during her toddler-to-seven years.  I’m bound and determined to help her make all her dreams come true.

I’ve already come to terms with the 50 – 60 person guest list, but she’s made that a little easier to swallow since she is fairly confident a good amount won’t show up anyhow.

So we are on to the theme.

 She loves the very modern black and white chevron material. You know, the kind that makes you dizzy just looking at it!  Crazy zig-zagging stripes.  And definitely silver.  She wants sparkly silver.  Lots of sparkle.  She LOVES sparkle.  Now, I am fairly confident I don’t have the whole Hillbilly look going on around my home, but I know my house has never seen much, if any, silvery sparkles.   But she has her heart set on it.  And I am pretty certain I can pull the desired look  together.  How hard could it be?

 So, I call my good friend who is very good at all things decorating and idea-creating and she kindly agrees to come with me to scout out some ideas.  She magically finds me some of the migraine-inducing “chevron” material at a jaw-droppingly affordable  $3/yard.  If that’s not a sign that I’m going in the right direction, I don’t know what is.  I figure how hard could it be to sew up 50 feet of table runner.  Off to a great start.

We then trek all over South Orange County to all known Walmart locations and buy up all their silver sparkly candle holders and sparkly frames in various shapes and sizes.  I just need to get everything together quickly and efficiently and make “the plan” happen.  I don’t want to wait until the last minute, which is normally my specialty.

“Save the receipts” was my friend’s mantra over and over.  Everywhere we went, “Save the receipts.”  That’s never been my strong point.  I usually make up my mind and don’t look back.  I hate taking things back.  I confidently procured all the silvery sparkly glittery items necessary to create a beautiful table.  I felt very organized.  Once I make up my mind to do something, I just need to do what I need to do and get it done, sooner rather than later.   Confident I could make it all work, I brought it all home and displayed it on my table.

 For two weeks I looked at all the silver and sparkle and zigzag stripes…  and fought hard for inspiration to strike me. I really did. I wanted to make it happen.

Reality hit me.

I now have a week to go and I can’t do it.  I just can’t do it.  I can’t make glamorous sparkles and crazy stripes come together in my head let alone on a 50 foot table! My creative juices don’t flow in that direction.  I really wanted them to.  But it just wasn’t happening.  I texted my always-lending-an-ear friend.  “Their is ni wy I cn du this ;(.”

After she inquired whether I saved the receipts she gave me her second bit of good advice:  “It’s your party, do whatever you want. The engagement party is yours to throw!” The relief I felt was immediate!  Why didn’t I think of that?

 I informed my daughter it was my party, for her, and assured her there would be no corn cob pipes and mini-wheelbarrow centerpieces, and although I think she was a little skeptical at first,  and wanted to know who the source of that advice was (which I protected), in the end she agreed that was probably a good idea.

I spent a long morning in the Walmart return line the next day and PROUDLY produced my receipt that my “VERY WISE FRIEND” thankfully,  repeatedly, reminded me to keep.

Said receipt contained at least 35 individual items.  The visibly irritated Walmart clerk had to carefully unwrap each said fragile item that had been oh-so-carefully wrapped originally, and one by one, scanned them, and  each time rolled her eyes at me, as if to say, “Why would you buy all these if you’re not sure you wanted them.”   After several minutes of this she apologized to the long line of irritated people behind me- right before she dropped one of the said carefully wrapped fragile items and cut her finger, producing a pretty darn good stream of blood.   No doubt she is collecting Workers’ Comp now.

But I got the job done and I suddenly felt confident in the knowledge that it was MY party and I could do it however I wanted :)

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