Salt Creek International Women’s Health Foundation


       “It’s more than a cause.

                                   It’s a solution”


That’s the motto of Salt Creek International Women’s Health Foundation (SCIWHF).  Their mission is to improve women’s health care in developing nations.  To do this they want to develop safe, effective technologies for doctors to use in the less than ideal circumstances these women find themselves.  Additionally, their goal is to train local doctors to use the technology and provide the technology to the doctors at no cost.

Their first project is called “Saving Mommies.”  Imagine being able to save a mother’s life during childbirth.  So many problems are erased for a child when Mommy survives the birthing process.  In too many places, unfortunately, mommies don’t survive because poor nutrition makes them sensitive to blood loss.  That’s where SCIWHF comes in.  This mission is to provide doctors around the world with, and to train them to use an FDA approved device (a specialized clamp) that prevents blood loss in the birthing process with no surgery required!  Yep, plain and simple it saves mommies’ lives.  To find out how you can help or just to learn more about this life-saving technology, visit their web site,