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Posted on Oct 28, 2013

Flower face


No store of any kind does it up at Halloween better than Rogers Gardens. Strong words?  I suppose, but I can back it up and am so excited to share!

Take a look. Go ahead, gander.

If you’re ever in Southern California during October make sure you go to Rogers Gardens in Corona Del Mar.  Just a few blocks from the beach, it’s a nursery and gift shop…on steroids: the most elegant, beautifully designed kind. It’s like Disneyland for the eyes!

The middle of August gets very busy at Rogers as they start the preparations for their massive holiday remodel.  Walls are literally recovered and whole plantings are removed and replaced.  Huge sets are constructed and new furniture is brought in to display the merchandise. The entire live floral building is converted into a series of themed rooms for Halloween from cute to creepy and every year it’s a new feast for the eyes.  Nothing is ever scary or gross, just  spooky and creepy in the most creative, visually stimulating ways. They manage to bring in unique items to stir the imagination every single year.  I am always surprised and inspired when I visit: that doesn’t happen often.


The Scream


For example, this is a huge new entry that was built just for Halloween based on the famous painting  “Scream”. It stands a good 16 feet high ( that’s they sky at the top of the photo).  The pumpkin to the lower left is huge and painted silver to enhance the look.  To enter, you have to walk behind the “screamer” and through the walls behind.  And it won’t be used next year…

When I first walked inside I couldn’t decide where to look first! Everything was beautiful, interesting and bursting with Halloween!

There are so many wonderful details to look at, you’ll want to take your time and soak it all in.

Take a look at these.

Happy Man

It sort of feels like I should find this a little creepy, but his smile is so grand I just laugh every time I see him!


Hello Kitty

Isn’t this cat adorable?


Happy Pumpkin

This pumpkin was literally irresistible.  I bought one as a birthday gift.


Creepy Clown face

Now this, I find creepy.


Rib Cage

How’s this for an interpretation of a rib cage?

Then you travel into the really elaborate room…



Half cyborg, half human…


Computerized piano

…and his computerized piano control panel!

These are just for looks.  What an incredible amount of effort for something that’s just for ambiance!

They haven’t skimped on the plants just because it’s Halloween, either.  Take a look at these innovative pumpkin planters.  They’re real , uncut pumpkins with a succulent garden on top. You can buy one or take the offered class and learn to make your own.


Succulent pumpkin


And, of course, Rogers has a pumpkin patch…

Pumpkin patch

To find out more about Rogers Gardens visit their website at .

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