Pumpkin Heads

Posted on Oct 24, 2013

Orange pumpkin face whole head


Well, hello, Gorgeous (Pumpkin Head)!  Rogers Gardens in Corona Del Mar, California does the best Halloween decorations. Ever. Period! If you’ve never been there and you’re in the area, you really have to go, particularly at the holidays.  The displays are stunning!!!!

On a recent visit with my friend Kathy, we were mesmerized by these remarkable hand sculpted pumpkin heads.  Each is individually crafted and painted by hand.  Not surprisingly, (OK, maybe a little) they go for hundreds of dollars…like $599.00 for a medium one…

At least looking is free!

They were all made from a lightweight material, in spite of their hefty appearance.  I thought for sure they were made of clay or concrete.  Nope, each one can be easily lifted so if you have and extra $600 dollars laying around, you don’t have to worry about hurting your back;0).


Three pumpkin heads are better than one


The display is brilliantly executed with the heads resting on rounded black shelves on a black background with empty black clothes hanging under each one, as if they are some how dressed, but missing their bodies.  The contrast of the brilliantly colored heads against the black really makes them impossible to ignore.  We weren’t the only fascinated ones.  Everyone walking by was fascinated …and a little creeped out.


Yello pumkin face profile


Each pumpkin head is completely unique and compelling, especially the ones with the life like eyes. In fact, at first it’s a little disconcerting!  It’s easy to question if there’s a real person inside…  Their expressions are so realistic  we couldn’t help ourselves from attributing them with their own individual personalities.  This one’s a mad mom.  (Ha ha!  We’ve seen that face before!)  That one’s happy, but a little dopey.  That one is clearly crazy!


Happy pumpkin head

 Look at that eye!  These really are works of art.

Taking pictures we noticed another fascinating quality to the Pumpkin Heads; as we moved, their expressions seemed to change.  Mom looked a little bored straight on, but move up a bit and those piercing eyes say, “Don’t mess with me!”  Crazy got down right creepy if we stood in just the right place. Dopey actually gained some curiosity from the right angle.


Orange pumpkin head is mad

See what I mean?  Mom is Not amused!


I like to try to figure out how things are made so I can do it at home. It seems like you could start with a foam craft pumpkin that you can buy at craft stores and add features on to that with a lightweight sculpting polymer clay. You might have to carve out a bit to set the eyes in, depending on what size and shape they are.  Then paint the whole thing dark to accentuate the cracks and add the color you want over that.


Colorful pumpkin head


Hmm.. maybe the $600 price tag isn’t so outrageous after all…. At least it would last for many many years! It sure we be fun to have one of these pumpkin heads sitting on the front porch on Halloween!  How do you think they were made?  Drop me a line and let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. These pumpkins are so interesting looking! I don’t think I would spend hundreds on dollars on them but, I would like to see them in person. Thanks for sharing, keep these interesting things coming.

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