Macaws at The Flamingo

Posted on Jan 27, 2014

Blue and gold Macaw


Besides eating macaroons and looking at flowers while I was in Las Vegas recently, I also explored the Flamingo Hotel, where we were staying.  I had no idea they have so may birds in the grounds to see up close and personal.  There were, of course, flamingos, but there were also swans and pelicans (who, by the way, can do some pretty weird stuff with their necks and their beaks…UGH!) .  My favorite, however, were the parrots, or more accurately, the Macaws.  The Macaws at the Flamingo hotel are well trained and unbelievably gorgeous.




I’m not necessarily a bird person, but for some reason I’ve had a lot of parrots in my life without ever owning one.  When we were first married and lived in a little 500 square foot bungalow, and I was sitting on the couch with the front and back doors open on a warm summer day.  All at once two wild green parrots flew right in front of me, through the house.  They flew in the back door and straight out the front,  their bodies going up and down with each flap.  If I’d reached out I could have touched them!

Our neighbor at our last house had a big blue macaw named Fran who would chase the kids in the morning and try to bite their toes.


Macaw scratching


Where we live now a family of wild parrots raid my tangelo tree.  Every evening they fly over the house screeching a call to one another as they head to their roost.  So it’s funny.  I’ve been around parrots and Macaws a long time, but these four at the Flamingo were breath taking.


Lola the Macaw


So much so, I could not stop taking pictures of them.  One in particular, a male named Paco, was intriguing.  He was mostly green with a scarlet crest above his face and he was a ham!  Even with his back to me, he’d twist his head to look me straight in the eye.  I found him both charming and a little intimidating:0).


green parrot paco


The other three are girls, and Lola stole my heart. Her coloring is mesmerizing.  I couldn’t take my eyes ( or camera) off those orange, yellow, and turquoise feathers!  I could swim in those colors.  Their so happy and comforting.  Hmmm…where can I work these colors into my house…


Macaw Lola the Orange


Fernanda is a blue and gold macaw.  To call her blue is almost a crime.  She is azure, turquoise, and electric blue all at the same time.  Her feathers appear to almost be glowing!


Macaws on stick


Grace, the fourth bird, is every shade of green with a surprise splash of turquoise underneath ( that’s her, lower left).  Simply beautiful.  All of the birds had incredible colors in their feathers that are so vibrant and so stunning together. I could just see one of those Pinterest color palate photos with these beautiful colored feathers. And isn’t it incredible how each feather is a combination of colors?  It is so special to be able to see them up close!


Macaw feathers


One of the neat things about the parrots at The Flamingo Hotel is that you can wear them.  Remember the movie “Evan Almighty”?  When Steve Carrel says, “These…are birds.”  Totally reminded me of that moment when I saw this woman posing with the parrots.  They’ll even take your picture with the birds.  Pretty neat!


4 macaws and woman


So if you find yourself at The Flamingo in Las Vegas, take a break from the tables and venture out to the garden for a close encounter with some gorgeos girls and one ham of a guy…the aviary kind.  You’ll see better and brighter colors than anywhere else in on the strip!

For more about the Flamingo. click here:

Disclaimer: I get millions and millions in endorsements from the Flamingo.  Just kidding.  A girl can dream…






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  1. You captured the spectacular colors of these beautiful birds! Bravo!

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