Game Changing Homemade Marshmallow Recipe

Posted on Feb 25, 2014

Three toasted homemade marshmallows


Homemade marshmallows beat store bought marshmallows hands down.  Every time!  Softer, waaay more flavorful, and easier to get that caramelized toasty-ness, homemade marshmallows are pure yum yum yum! And I have a delicious marshmallow recipe you’ll want to give a try.


marshmallow cube


With the cold this winter what better way to warm up than a roasty-toasty super delicious home made marshmallow over a cup of steaming hot cocoa or coffee? Or maybe you like them in a s’more sandwiched between graham crackers and covered in melty chocolate.  Yep, homemade marshmallows take that classic dessert up a notch! Or maybe you like your marshmallows simple and pure, just as they are. You haven’t had a toasted marshmallow until you’ve tried one that’s homemade.  The one’s you buy in the bag…forget it.  Homemade marshmallows are orders of magnitude better!

When I set out to try making my own I had no idea how on earth to get started, particularly because I had no idea what the ingredients are or how they are made.  Yeah, I don’t have many of the ingredients listed on the marshmallow bag.  I can’t  even pronounce many of them. Hello, Google! I found a recipe from Martha Stewart that, although thin on details, with a bit of trial and error, worked great. And -oh my gosh- the taste! They’re fantastic plain, but when you toast them, Hallelujah! With the powdered sugar coating, this marshmallow recipe makes the outside get caramelized and crispy like the top of creme brulee and the inside gets soft and warm much faster that the bagged kind.  Yep, squishy, crispy, sweet and leagues better than anything you can buy in a bag.  With this marshmallow recipe, it’s like a completely different, better-than-you-could-have-imagined animal.  So much so, you won’t want to go back to bagged marshmallows ever again!


snowflake marshmallow cut outs


I’ve made the marshmallow recipe two ways.  The first time I made it I use a 9 x 12 glass pan and got thick, fluffy square marshmallows perfect for all the traditional ways marshmallows are used.  Then I made the recipe again and used a larger glass dish so the marshmallows would be thinner so I could cut them with a snowflake-shaped cookie cutter to make large ( but thin) marshmallows perfect for floating on top of hot cocoa or coffee:0)


snowflake marshmallow with sugar


My favorite way to toast the marshmallows is to use a small blow torch.  Yep, right from the garage. ( I learned that from a local restaurant that serves a homemade marshmallow all toasty with a cafe mocha.  The waitress will even come back and re-toast it after you’ve eaten off the first layer!) The high heat caramelizes the powdered sugar coating to perfection! I can put a couple of marshmallows on a skewer and toast them just exactly how I like them in about 7 seconds.   Then I eat that crispy layer right off, savoring every sweet, sticky bite and re-toast the remaining marshmallow for another crunchy layer… decadent and YUM! Hey, there’s no extra calories for extra toasting! I suppose if I had a kitchen torch it would work just as well, but the one from my husband’s tool box works great.


Marshmallow recipe


Think about how you like your marshmallows…toasted, plain, in hot cocoa.  Them imagine your marshmallows so much better than anything you’ve had.  That’s what this recipe will give you.  Plus, it might just make that millionth cold day a little more tolerable:0)


snowflake marshmallow in coffee

Homemade Marshmallow Recipe and Tips

This is the recipe I used from Martha Stewart.    Here are a few tips that will help you be more successful:

  • Conveniently, the gelatin comes in a box of four pouches.  Just watch the size of the pouches you purchase because they are different.
  • Get a good candy thermometer.  You need to get the temperature right to get the right consistency for your marshmallows.
  • Use a stand mixer because the “batter” needs to mix for all of those 12 minutes!
  • Grease under the parchment and on top of the parchment.  Marshmallow mixture is sticky!
  • Use more cooking oil or powdered sugar on your knife when you cut the marshmallows and quickly pull them apart.  Once they ‘re rolled in the powdered sugar they won’t be as sticky.
  • Be generous with the powdered sugar coating.  That’s what makes them caramelize so well!





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