Easy Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Posted on Feb 17, 2014

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Happy Valentine’s cinnamon roll waffles to me!

Recently The Mister and I have been watching “Diners Drive-ins and Dives” with Guy Fieri on The Food Network.  It’s something we both enjoy and the variety of places he visits keeps it interesting.  On the episode we saw recently, a chef made a waffle from stuffing, topped with a turkey dinner.  It looked a little weird at first, but then when we saw how he used the raw stuffing and cooked it up nice and crisp, we saw a whole world of waffle opportunities open up!  I can’t remember the name of the restaurant where he was (there were a lot of waffle items on the menu), but we were so inspired by it that The Mister went out and got me a waffle iron for Valentine’s Day.  I was not the least but offended (as a modern day woman might be) as I knew he would be the one to use it the most. Plus, I was secretly hoping to try cinnamon roll waffles.  Yum!!

Yep, crispy, crunchy sweet waffles laced with cinnamon and sugar swirled to the very edges topped with drizzled icing and real maple syrup sounded like the best waffle I could imagine.


Cinnamon Roll Waffle with syrup


Ever. In the history of the world.

I had seen the pictures on Pinterest of canned cinnamon rolls as waffles and was pretty sure whoever thought of that was a genius.  Ruby’s, a local eatery here in Southern California serves some pretty over-the-top cinnamon roll french toast, but the waffle version had never occurred to me. In fact I thought about it all day on Valentine’s which swerved into obsession by Valentine’s night (I’m not proud of that).   I just kept imagining the crispiness of the waffle and the icing melting into it with smatters of caramelized cinnamon goodness in each bite…I even considered having cinnamon roll waffles topped with ice cream for Valentine’s dessert, but decided to hold off until breakfast. Hey, it could still happen…


Canned Cinnamon rolls on waffle iron


I was so happy when I woke up this morning and it was time to try them.  I used the Pillsbury Grands cinnamon rolls since they’re larger than the regular ones and neither The Mister nor I were disappointed.  I’m not saying canned cinnamon rolls as waffles would beat homemade cinnamon rolls turned into waffles, but as far as ease and quickness goes, the canned version wins.

There are a few tricks to using a dough in a waffle maker vs. batter, so with some trial and error, here’s what I learned worked best.


raw Cinnamon roll on waffle iron


1. Heat up your waffle iron as you normally would.  Place one roll in the center of the iron.  There’s no need to smash it down.  Close the lid and turn as usual.

2. Listen to the sizzling sound (much like you listen for popcorn in the microwave).  Once the sizzling dies down or stops, turn the waffle back up and it’s done.  This is roughly half the normal amount of time needed for a waffle made with batter.  Don’t wait for the ready light as your waffle will be over cooked.  The cinnamon will look dark which is because it’s caramelized.

3.  Meanwhile, heat up the icing (minus the metal lid) in the microwave (as specified on the package) and use a spoon to drizzle the icing over your waffle.  Top with maple syrup or whatever you think would be great on your waffle!

It’s that easy! Be sure and clean out any residual cinnamon chunks before making more cinnamon roll waffles as the sugar will cause it to burn on your next waffle.  I just used a dry paper towel to wipe any out.


cinnamon roll waffle cooked


If you love packaged cinnamon rolls you will love this! The waffle is firm and crisp.  you an taste the cinnamon in just about every bite.  The icing gives it it’s signature sweetness and the maple syrup seals that deal that it’s a waffle. Yum!  It may not be four star restaurant fare, but it sure is easy, quick, affordable and yummy.  That begs the question… what else can I put in my waffle maker?  Maybe I’ll try cookie dough next!

What have you made in your waffle iron?  I’d love to hear your creative ideas. Drop me a message!


Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Pillsbury or any waffle iron companies.  Bummer.




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