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Posted on Dec 9, 2013

Christmas tree shops white lantern


Going to Christmas Tree Shops is one of my favorite things in the whole world.  I love to decorate for Christmas because I don’t have to live with it forever and I can change it year to year. There are two exceptional Christmas Tree Shops in Orange County, California: Rogers Gardens and Shinoda.

Christmas tree shops, those stores with loads of Christmas tree decorations, are fabulous places to get ideas for decorating not only your Christmas tree, but also the rest of the house.  This one, a wholesale and retail store called Shinoda in Southern California, has so many great displays it’s tempting to try them all!

For starters, I love the way they have incorporated the white lantern and burlap ribbon into this display (above).  It has a fresh, contemporary country feel.  If you look closely, in the upper right corner you’ll see how cleverly bromeliads were incorporated into the display.

Side note: take the good camera no matter how heavy it is when visiting Christmas tree shops! As my photography teacher said, “The best camera is the one you have with you”, so please forgive the quality of these photos.  My phone was struggling in the less than ideal light. Lesson learned!


Christmas tree shops ocean


Shinoda has isles and isles of Christmas items and on the end of each isle are displays.  Each display has a distinct theme and color scheme.  They use ribbons, flowers, ornaments, garlands, and everyday items together in magnificent displays that can’t help but inspire your creative side!

Years ago, when we were first married, we bought inexpensive silver and gold ornament balls from Fedco (remember that store?!) Each year I would just buy new ribbon to change the look and color scene of the tree.  The day after Christmas a local floral supply store had a huge sale and all of their ribbon was 50% off.  On a budget, I’d by the acetate florist ribbon in 100 yard spools and, voila! I had a new color scene for the following year at a great price!

After a few years we had enough money to add some ocean/fish themed ornaments to the mix.  It was a lovely tree in turquoise, white and aqua.  Once my daughter was born, everything went pink and even with theme changes, we’ve had a pink Christmas tree ever since.  Even so, I love this ocean themed tree….maybe I could squeeze a small one into the entry way…


Christmas tree shops green tree

This more whimsical display takes me right to “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”. The bold dots and stripes add the whimsy and yet, if you look closely at the ribbon on the left and the wreath in the back with the bird’s nest, there’s traditional forms too.  Mixing in a bit of more traditional forms keeps the look from just being wacky.


Christmas tree shops gingerbread man


As Christmas tree shops go, Shinoda is huge, with all kinds of Christmas decor as well as traditional florist supplies to help you complete your creations. This Gingerbread cookie themed display is a perfect example of the variety of items Shinoda carries plus it’s adorable ( and tempting! )  Any kid would be thrilled to see this in their home! It’s the kind of display where the more you look the more you see.


Christmas tree shops christmas village


If you’ve ever put up a Christmas village display, you know that’ it’s a lot of work, but it’s so worth it!

“It’s true, Christmas can feel like a lot of work, particularly for mothers. But when you look back on all the Christmases in your life, you’ll find you’ve created family traditions and lasting memories. Those memories, good and bad, are really what help to keep a family together over the long haul.”

                                                                                                        Caroline Kennedy

For the more traditionalists,  the Department 56/village theme is always a favorite.  I like how they have raised the ground for each row of buildings so they’re all easily to enjoyed and they’ve mixed in the more traditional light- up buildings with gingerbread houses and others.  Sure, it’s to show what they have to sell, but it’s kind of cute, too.

Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration to create or continue your Christmas traditions.  If you need a little more, click below to see my video on more wonderful displays from Christmas tree shops.


Disclaimer: I don’t get any compensation of any kind from Shinoda. Man, would I need a storage unit if I did!


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  1. Love both of these stores! Great places of inspiration for every holiday.

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