A Year In The Life…By Kathy S.

A Year In The Life Part 3: The Engagement Party

Posted on Jan 16, 2014

A year in The life of the Mother Of the Bride engagement table1


Engagement Party Eve was upon me!  Paper lanterns were hung with great care high up in the trees.  My check list was looking pretty good.  Food, check; drinks, check; music, check; table settings, check.  Flowers……. My sister offered, and did indeed, pick up several buckets of beautiful flowers and greenery, going on my mere instruction of “whatever looks good,”  delivered them to me, and said “Hope you can figure out what to do with them.  They sure are pretty.”  Once again I called upon my very talented and inspiring garden friend, and not only did she save the lives of all the newly acquired greenery and flowers by suggesting that perhaps sitting outside in 100 degree hotness would not serve them well, she knew exactly what to do with them!   I’m not sure what I would have done without her!  We brought them all in to a cool little corner in my home and spritzed them back to life!  Within minutes she formulated a flower plan.  She truly has an incredible “vision” when it comes to all things flowers.  I finally let her go home as the evening drew to a close.




I had one last thing on my check list.  What to wear?  Next moment my daughter swoops in and off we go to the mall at 7 p.m. for some serious power dress shopping.  I do much better last-minute shopping.  That way I have no room for indecision :)  Works like a charm every time.  Although, I did cut it a bit close this time, and I plan to be a little more efficient with the mother-of-the-bride dress!


A Year In The life of The Mother Of the bride EngAGEMENT Party TaBLE


The big day arrived, and with the help of my friend, said friend’s ever-patient hubby, and my family, we scurried into action placing tables, table settings, flowers and more flowers!  I have to say, it looked magnificent!   Most importantly, the evening was a wonderful success.  A great time was had by all.  My daughter and fiancé were sent off to “engaged life” on a beautiful evening with all their friends and family and a good time was had by all.  I honestly don’t think a full service party-planning company could have done  better job than my “team”!


A Year In The life of The Mother Of the bride EngAGEMENT Party TaBLE NIGHT


Now with confidence in my back pocket I am ready to embark on the wedding planning adventure.    There will be no hotel ballroom or country club venue to do it all for us.  We’ve proven our worth!!  It will be a do-it-yourself from A to Z at a family home.  That’s confidence.   But most importantly, I have already booked a hotel room for my good friend to make sure she is VERY close by……………….



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Part 2: It’s My Party And I’ll Buy What I Want To

Posted on Nov 11, 2013

chevron black and white party ideaBy Kathy Sullivan

My daughter is definitely a little bit of Hollywood Glam mixed with a smattering of Las Vegas sparkle when it comes to style.  I am fairly certain that she sees me as just this side of Hillbilly Traditional.  Whatever my style is, I am fairly confident I can pull an engagement party together pretty well.  I love having a party.

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A Year in the Life…Part One

Posted on Oct 17, 2013


After twelve years of check-writing to various colleges for three kids, my husband and I  just penned out the last one for our youngest! We did it! Three of them! We slap a high-five and congratulate each other!! Now it’s our time! Time to celebrate! Big night out on the town! A better-than-decent bottle of wine. We talk about maybe a new car for me; a Mercedes perhaps!!!!…
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