Top Trick To Make Chocolate Store Caramel Apples

Posted on Dec 2, 2013

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If you’ve ever been to a chocolate store that sells caramel apples covered in chocolate and toppings, you’ve seen how expensive they can be.  If you’ve ever tried one, you know how delicious they are! They make a wonderful treat  and a very special gift.  The next time you’re going to a holiday party and need a special hostess gift, try making one of these and bringing it along. They are definitely a step up from a plain apple as a holiday gift for a special teacher. Whoever you choose to give one of these sweet crunchy treats with the tart apple center to, they’ll be very appreciative!

By making your own, you’ll save yourself money and can make enough to share.  Can you imagine getting to sit down after cleaning up after a party or a long day at work, slicing up one of these delicious master pieces, putting your feet up, and delighting in the pleasure of each delicious, chewy bite?  Now that’s a  gift!


Caramel collage

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 bag of individually wrapped caramels.

5-6 granny Smith Apples

Popsicle sticks or 3 wooden skewers per apple (for strength since they’re smaller).

1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips and/milk chocolate chips and/or white chocolate chips

Toppings: Nuts, Marshmallows, Oreos, sprinkles (whatever you like) as desired.

Apples in Caramel


The trick to a great chocolate covered caramel apple is getting the caramel on first.  Caramel is the glue that holds the chocolate on and the chocolate is the glue that holds the toppings.  The principle is to dip the apples in the caramel first, then drizzle with whatever chocolate you prefer and, while the chocolate is still warm and sticky, press the toppings on to your apple.  For larger topping pieces, drizzle with more chocolate to hold the toppings in place.  Allow them to cool until set.  They’ll keep for 4-5 days.

Tips For Making Caramel Apples

Prepare the apples by washing and drying them well.  Water prevents the caramel from sticking so be sure they are dry.

Set out  a piece of parchment paper to rest the apples on once they’re covered.

Melt the caramels according to the directions on the package and transfer the caramel into a heat safe bowl.  Dip the apples in the caramel and swirl the excess off. Let them rest on a piece of parchment paper or other non-stick surface.

Using another microwave safe bowl* while the apples set, melt just enough of the chocolates for however many apples you are making in the microwave. Generally 1/4 cup per apple is sufficient. Set the microwave for about 15 seconds at a time until the chocolate is soft enough to pour and can be drizzled over the apples.  Don’t over heat the chocolate.

*Paper bowls are great for this.  Just toss them when you’re finished.


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Oreos 2 ps


After they have cooled you can wrap the apples in plastic and tie with a festive bow to give as a gift. Let your recipient do the cutting to maintain freshness.


apples with  bows ps


Don’t cut your apples until it’s tome to eat them.  The best way to cut the apples is to slice straight down opposite sides of the core. Make two parallel cuts on either side of the core, then turn your apple 90 degrees and make two more parallel cuts on either side of the core so the core is a small square from above. Imagine a tic-tac-toe box on the top of the apple and the core is in the center square. Make the cuts on what would be the tic-tac-toe lines. You’ll have four “corners” and four “wedges”.

Warning: these are so good you may want to make sure to make an extra, just in case you deserve a treat too!



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  1. I can’t wait to give these a try! All the kids will love them at our Christmas Eve gathering. Thanks for the great recipe.

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