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Posted on Feb 2, 2014



Have you ever been to a buffet and wanted to try everything?  You know, a little sample of every item so you know which ones are best. Especially at the dessert bar… It’s the ultimate kid-in-a-candy-store fantasy.  Maybe you feel too guilty to pile your plate that high with only desserts.  Maybe it’s just too embarrassing.  Fear no more: the trail has been officially blazed! Should you decide to, you have company and can say you’re not the only one! On our recent trip to Las Vegas I proudly went through the desserts at the Bellagio Buffet and made the Mister help me sample them all!  I finally did it!  A fantasy come true…. ( sorry about the photo quality…I was using my phone so I’d be less conspicuous). judging! It was in the name of research.  How’s a girl supposed to write about the desserts if she doesn’t try them all?!  And when I say try them I literally took tiny bites of each, like I was sampling wine.  Maybe that’s not a good example :0).  I took tiny bites of each like they might be awful.  Yes, that’s more accurate.  Just enough to assess the flavor and texture without overdosing on sugar at the end.


BELLAGIO bUFFET  desserts piel


Yes.  It was soooo much fun!  To sample all those beautifully plated desserts was exciting!  The anticipation and feeling like I was breaking all the rules as I gather up up each delightful looking treasure without a care to calories or ecxess was freeing! Luckily, at the Bellagio Buffet, the desserts are served as very small , beautifully presented portions so it was easy to grab a bit of each. Enough teasing…on to the good stuff!

Here’s what we sampled:

  • Carrot cake- excellnt frosting, heavy, dry cake without much flavor
  • Coffee tiramisu- very soggy, cream lacked flavor
  • Chocolate eclair- pastry was stale, creme filling was bland and a bit rubbery
  • Creme brulee- nice crunch on top , decent flavor to the cream
  • Napoleon- icing was good, but a bit bland, pastry was hard as a rock.  Boo. Very disappointing
  • Seasonal financier- Ok  kind of bland
  • Raspberry macaroon- Decent flavor and texture.  Jelly filling was flavorful.
  • Apple macaroon- No.  Just no.
  • Pecan Pie-Hard srust, not much developed flavor to filling.
  • Fruit tart- Hard crust a bit bland. Cream a bit bland but fresh as were the berries
  • Strawberry tart- Same crust and cream filling as fruit tart, with strawberries.  Expected more starwberry flavor
  • Bread pudding- Bland, no real developed flavors.
  • Bananas foster- Overwhelming.  Maybe I’m no a good judge of this, but too much booze flavor for me.
  • Chocolate peppermint cheesecake- on the dryer side but good flavor if you’re not really expecting peppermint.  Great fudgy texture.
  • Vanilla Nutella Mousse in a cone- very slight nutella flavor, seemed processed ( like from a mix or can) rather than fresh.  Cone very bland.
  • Chocolate raspberry mousse in a cone -better than the vanilla, good flavor, better texture and seemed fresher.


BELLAGIO bUFFET desserts creme brulee


Yep, we tried every one and didn’t go in to diabetic shock!  The key, like I said, try them like you think they’re going to be awful.  Teeeny tiny bites.  I was glad I took teeny tine bites because, honestly, if you’re going to spend calories on dessert, it better be worth it.  I will say, only one was awful, but most were not really worth the calories. In particular , the jelly-filled apple macaroon was pretty bad. The most of the rest were just average.  The problem with mass produced desserts is the pastry is often too hard, the crust over dry, the fillings rather plain and thin, all a bit skimped on, even at the Bellagio Buffet.  They do seem to put more emphasis on the sea food, which is probably what draws the huge crowds, but I did expect fresher desserts.  The one stand out was the creme brulee.  That was really good!




It was decadent fun to go through the dessert buffet and pick up every single one in the name of research. (Ahem). In the end, what I discovered, at least at the Bellagio Buffet, is that I really wasn’t missing much.  They all look so great because they’re colorful and beautifully presented, but the only one I would really eat all of was the creme brulee.

If you’re heading to Las Vegas and plan to take a spin at the Bellagio Buffet, enjoy your meal and don’t worry about saving a lot of room for dessert, except maybe just enough for some pretty good creme brulee.  Unless, of course, you want to live your own childhood fantasy, pile your plate high, and decide for yourself how the dessert buffet at Bellagio is.  At least you won’t have to be the first!



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