Last Minute Easy Holiday Bedroom Makeover

Posted on Dec 22, 2013

Last minute bedroom holiday makeover

Need a last minute festive  bedroom makeover for a guest room or any bedroom in your house for under $40?  This easy makeover has a big impact that works not only for Christmas, but for any holiday or season. Simply select a set of festive sheets to compliment the occasion or season and redress your bed!  Yep, it’s a super easy, affordable, quick bedroom makeover and you can keep the linens year after year.

Here’s how I use a simple set of solid red sheets to makeover my bedroom. I purchased these red ones in the same size as my bed at Target for under $40.

1. Start with white or neutral sheets and pillow cases to dress your bed as you usually would.  I prefer the crispness of white, especially with red, but that’s just me. When you put on your top sheet set it face down, especially if it has any embellishment on the top (or right) side. You’ll thank me in step 3. Tuck it in at the bottom.   If you’d like an extra pop of color, used the new colored fitted sheet instead of the usual white one.

2. Layers look luxe.  Remember that from our decorative Thanksgiving tabletop? Besides, it’s cold, so layer on the warmth!  Use a blanket, a quilt, or what ever you have that says in your color scheme, and preferably stick with neutrals or white.  Since I didn’t have a coordinating duvet cover, I just used the duvet inserts to keep the white theme going. Tuck it in on the bottom.

3. Fold your top sheet down about 1-1-12 feet over the top edge of your warm layer for an added cozy touch.  If you put it on right side down (step 1) it should be face up and looking lovely over your warm layer(s). Tuck it in on the sides.  Ohh so cozy!  Now don’t you want to just snuggle in? Wait!  You’re not done yet…

Festive bed3. Put the top sheet of your new colored set (in my case the red ones) on next, top side down (sound familiar?).  {As a side note, if I’d planned ahead I would have either ironed (probably not) or sprayed the new colored top sheet with Wrinkle Release and tossed it in the dryer for a couple of minutes (much more likely) to get the fold creases out}. Top sheets are always larger than the same size comforter so they can be tucked in.  Fortunately, this also means they will completely cover (yes, hide) your comforter as well. Then put your comforter on top of the decorative sheet, making sure it’s centered on the colored sheet so the comforter won’t show in step 4. Tuck the bottom of both in.

4. Take the new colored top sheet and your comforter and fold them both down just so the comforter is completely covered by the new colored sheet.  The new colored sheet should now be right side up and cover the sides as well as the bottom of the comforter.  Now it looks like you have a new, fluffy festive comforter!

5. Put your new colored pillow cases over an extra set of pillows, and layer them behind your sleeping pillows which you used your white or neutral cases on in step 1.  Ta da!  If you have any festive throw pillows layer them in front and you’re all set! I used Pottery Barn place mats to make these Christmas throw pillows.  To learn how to turn any two-sided place mat into a throw pillow click here.

Last minute holiday bedroom make over pillows


For an additional holiday touch I used a Command hook to hang a small Christmas wreath in the center of the headboard on our bed with matching red ribbon.  The whole bedroom makeover took 10 minutes and I didn’t have to spend a fortune or wrestle with an expensive duvet cover.  The colored sheet works beautifully to disguise my comforter which we just pull up at night and fold back down with the red sheet on top in the morning.  When the holidays are over, I’ll just stow the sheets and use them again next year.  On the other hand, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…after all, it’s super easy and I already have the red sheets:0).

Please share your super easy holiday bedroom makeover with me.  I’d love to see your photos!

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